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Life Of Ordinary People
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What is LOOP?

LOOP is a 1 - 6 persons competitive Serious Card Game.


Players are challenged to reach maximum Happiness while balancing a material life and preventing a total resource depletion.

Why Serious Gaming?

  1. Its universal appeal is effective to capture and retain learners' attention for a significant period of time;

  2. Transform "boring" lessons and "heavy" discussions into laughter and interactive learnings.



  1. Identify Materialistic Value Orientation in our lives.

  2. Recognise how our behaviours are nudged by consumerism tricks and cognitive biases.

  3. Motivate behavioural changes towards Sustainable Consumption.


Art  &  Design

  1. Every illustration is created with 1 continuous line, interpreting a loop;

  2. Inspired by Hong Kong neon signs, which witnessed the modernization of the city where later became the foundation of Materialism and Consumerism.

Consume continuously to compensate work stress
Work stressfully to support continuous consumption

Our Philosophy

Work, buy, consume, repeat...

This is the life we chose in order to find happiness, this is the Life Of Ordinary People. But the truth is, such materialistic lifestyle does not make us any happier, instead it saturates our landfills, accelerates the rate of extinction, and deteriorates global climate…

To cure, we must focus on the disease, not just the symptoms. That is why we developed LOOP, with a vision in mind: Motivate people in realising this meaningless loop and change our behaviour towards a more sustainable and happier life! And of course, by playing game and having fun!

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