Answer the following 11 questions to better understand your in-game behaviours.

There is no right or wrong answer, pick the one that you agree more!

S1:  Is DEPLETION revealed?

S1:  Enter your Player ID

Q1:  How did you spend COINs?

Q2:  What does QUALITY of MATERIAL represent in real life?

Q3:  What do you think is the main cause of DEPLETION?

S2:  What is your final HAPPINESS?


S3:  How many GOALs have you achieved?


Q4:  How did you play FAVOURs?

Q5:  How did you treat FAVOURs that are played on you?

Q6:  What does REPUTATION represent in real life?

Q7:  How did you determine which ACTIVITY to complete?

Q8:  Which strategy is more effective in gaining HAPPINESS?

Q9:  Is having more COINs better?

Q10: You chose WORK, BUY, or CONSUME every turn.

         What do you think "turn" represents in the real-world?

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